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Sustainability in Space –
The Why & How to Avoid and Manage Space Debris?


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The commercial space sector is rapidly growing, which is mainly related to satellite systems and launch services becoming more financially accessible.

However, the growing number of objects in space makes collisions of objects in space more likely every year.

Sustainability of our actions in space has not only emerged as a responsibility but is a need to continue growing the space economy.

Listen to the space sustainability ecosystem around Neuraspace, ClearSpace and the Luxembourg Space Agency to answer burning questions such as:

  • How can industry come up with a sustainable strategy to avoid and remove space debris?
  • How can space become again a safer operational environment?
  • What are the regulatory frameworks the policy makers need to set-up to support these initiatives?



Kerstin Roost

SSPI Luxembourg Chair and Director, Global Accounts
ST Engineering iDirect


Muriel Hooghe

Senior Project Manager - Space Safety, Luxembourg Space Agency


Thomas Eggenweiler

Commercial Director, Neuraspace


Sergey Gugkaev

Group Chief Commercial Officer, Clear Space



Muriel Hooghe
Muriel Hooghe currently works at the Luxembourg Space Agency where she follows aspects related to Space Safety. Muriel represents Luxembourg at ESA and European Union boards on Space Safety matters and is involved in the development of the Space Ecosystem in Luxembourg.
Prior to her current role, Muriel has held roles in Spectrum Management, Contingency and Transition planning and in Flight Dynamics at SES. She holds an engineering degree from the Free University of Brussels and a Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Nice-Sophia-Antipolis. Since 2019, Muriel lectures Space Project Management in the Interdisciplinary Space Masters at


Thomas Eggenweiler
Thomas is a space enthusiast fascinated by the wonders of space exploration and technology. Thomas is currently the commercial director of Neuraspace, a company dedicated to making space again a safer and more sustainable operating environment.
Prior to joining Neuraspace, Thomas held various positions in business strategy, sales, and engineering with some of the most prominent players in the satellite communication industry, including ST Engineering iDirect, Newtec and SES.
Thomas holds an engineering degree in software engineering from the University of Applied Sciences in Darmstadt. He also earned an MBA from the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland.


Sergey Gugkaev
Sergey currently holds the position of Group Chief Commercial Officer and General Manager of ClearSpace (Luxembourg) – a new space globally local company focused on pragmatic solutions for space debris and in-orbit servicing.
In his capacity as Chief Commercial Officer at ClearSpace, Sergey oversees commercial strategy, sales, business development, supports launcher programs and strategic partnerships critical to the company's mission. His leadership also drives the adoption of in-orbit servicing solutions, a vital aspect of future space exploration.
Prior to his position at ClearSpace, Sergey served as the Chief Executive Officer of Sea Launch, a multinational satellite launch company established in 1995. The company employed a converted mobile/floating oil drilling rig for equatorial launches to geostationary orbit. Sergey successfully guided Sea Launch through a pivotal post-restructuring phase, leading the company to execute five prosperous launches during his leadership.
Armed with a law degree, Sergey cultivated strong analytical and problem-solving skills. He further enriched his capabilities by earning an MBA in Management of Technology from the distinguished Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL). This blend of legal knowledge and business insight provides him with a unique perspective that he channels at ClearSpace, encompassing business development, global sales, marketing, contract negotiations and customer relations.


Kerstin Roost

Meet Kerstin, an industry veteran with a remarkable 25-year journey in the dynamic realms of IT, media, and satellite communications. Nestled in the heart of Luxembourg, Kerstin has honed her craft across an array of commercial and engineering roles, crafting a legacy that's nothing short of impressive.

Kerstin's voyage into the world of cutting-edge satcom technology began in 2004 when she embarked on a transformative role at Newtec, igniting her passion for innovation. Initially, she stepped into the shoes of a software and support engineer at the Berlin division in Germany, skillfully navigating the intricacies of the TCP/IP software team at Tellitec Engineering. Her journey didn't stop there; she transitioned into the role of Marketing Manager, spearheading software solutions that redefined industry standards to ensure quality, reliability and user experience.

By 2018, Kerstin had ascended to the role of Strategic Marketing and Public Relations Director, orchestrating game-changing strategies that propelled Newtec to new heights. In parallel with her career trajectory, she migrated to Luxembourg, heralded as Europe's satellite hub, further cementing her status as a key player in the industry.

Kerstin's academic prowess is underpinned by her Multimedia Engineering degree from the University of Technology, Business, and Design in Wismar, Germany, fueling her visionary approach to technology and communications.

Kerstin's influence transcends her professional endeavors. In late 2019, she took the reins as the founding president of the Luxembourg chapter of SSPI (Space & Satellite Professionals International), championing industry collaboration and networking with like-minded experts. Her commitment to the cause saw her ascend to the role of SSPI-WISE (SSPI Women in Space Engagement) Working Group Co-Chair in July 2021, where she continues her tireless efforts to support peers or the new generation of leading women in the industry.

Kerstin's journey is a testament to her unwavering dedication to innovation, leadership, industry advocacy and passion.

27 Sep 2023
2:00pm - 3:00pm CEST

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